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MODULE 4 Robots Unit 2 Will it be windy in Beijing?


Module 6 Self-assessment Unit 2 I can do it very well.

Module 8 Unit 2 His name was Louis Braille.

Module 7 Birthday Unit 1 Happy birthday!

MODULE 8 Discussion Unit 2 Line A is longer.

MODULE 2 Unit 1 Chinatown in America

MODULE 2 Unit 2 Postcards from China

Module 6 Unit 2 What’s it about?

MODULE 2 Grandparents Unit 2 Mr Li was a teacher.

MODULE 2 Directions Unit 1 Go straight on.

MODULE 7 Countries Unit 1 New York is in the east.


MODULE 5 Food Unit 2 I’m making dumplings.

Module 5 Numbers 1-12 Unit 1 How many?

MODULE 3 Picnic Unit 2 On Monday I’ll go swimming.

MODULE 10 The Months Unit 2 There are twelve months in the year.

MODULE 1 Numbers Unit 1 … seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty!


Module 8 Unit 1 Helen Keller

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Module 2 Introductions Unit 1 I’m Ms Smart.

MODULE 9 Letters from Abroad Unit 2 See you soon.

MODULE 5 Decisions Unit 1 It’s big and light.

MODULE 9 Happy Birthday Unit 2 Happy Halloween!

MODULE 2 Zoo Unit 1 They’re monkeys.


Module 8 School Unit 1 What time does school start?

MODULE 6 Travel Unit 2 It’s in the north of China.

Reading for Pleasure A Backwards Morning

MODULE 6 Unit 2 I’ve got some stamps from China.

Reading for Pleasure Little Red Riding Hood

Module 4 Possessions Unit 2 This bag is hers.

MODULE 10 Unit 1 At the Library

Module 8 Friends Unit 1 Is it a dragon?


Module 8 School Unit 2 Where did Lingling go yesterday?

MODULE 3 Playground Unit 2 I don’t like riding bikes.

MODULE 6 Abilities Unit 2 Yes, I can.

Module 2 Shopping Unit 2 How much milk do you want?

MODULE 9 Unit 1 A Visit to the UN

MODULE 4 Library Unit 1 Where are the books about computers, please?

MODULE 3 English Food Unit 1 She had eggs and sausages.

MODULE 5 Unit 1 Pleased to meet you!

Module 10 Body Unit 2 Point to her nose.

Module 3 Unit 1 The sun is shining.

Module 2 Unit 1 We’re going to have a picnic.

MODULE 10 Position Unit 1 It’s on your desk.

MODULE 10 Position Unit 2 Daming flies kites in the park.

Module 7 Unit 1 Shenzhou 我不知道动画Ⅴ flew into space.

MODULE 8 Seasons and Weather Unit 2 It’s hot and sunny today.

MODULE 3 Unit 1 Collecting stamps is my hobby.


MODULE 7 Travel Unit 2 We’re going to visit the Ming Tombs.

Review Module Unit 2

Module 1 Unit 1 I want a hot dog, please.

Module 5 Unit 2 He’s riding his bike, but it’s starting to rain.

Module 4 Colours Unit 1 It’s red.

MODULE 10 The Months Unit 1 There is one birthday in May.


MODULE 2 London Unit 2 This is the River Thames.

Module 9 Family Unit 1 This is my mother.

MODULE 10 Unit 2 Go straight on!

Module 1 Greetings Unit 2 How are you?


MODULE 8 Sports Day Unit 1 What are you going to do?

MODULE 2 Grandparents Unit 1 She learnt English.

MODULE 9 Possessions Unit 1 I’ve got a new book.

Module 5 In Class Unit 1 There are enough.

MODULE 7 Festivals Unit 1 We have a big family dinner.

Reading for Pleasure The Elephant and the Spider


MODULE 4 In the Park Unit 2 What is Amy doing?

MODULE 9 Possessions Unit 2 She goes to school by bike.

MODULE 10 Accidents Unit 1 Sam fell off his bike.

Review Module


MODULE 8 Seasons and Weather Unit 1 It’s hot in summer.

Module 9 Feelings Unit 1 Are you feeling sad?

Module 9 Unit 1 What’s the matter?

Module 3 Classroom Unit 1 Point to the door.

Module 9 Feelings Unit 2 I feel happy.

MODULE 1 Alphabet Unit 2 My favourite toy is a car.

Module 10 Body Unit 1 This is his head.

Module 4 Unit 1 I’m making Daming’s birthday card.


Module 4 Colours Unit 2 It’s a black dog.

Module 6 Unit 1 I bought you this book.

Reading for Pleasure The Three Bears

MODULE 1 Friends Unit 2 He’s cool.

Reading for Pleasure A Visit to the Zoo

MODULE 2 London Unit 1 London is the capital of England.

Module 9 Family Unit 2 He’s a doctor.

MODULE 10 Accidents Unit 2 Sam had lots of chocolate biscuits.

MODULE 5 Size Unit 2 Beijing is bigger than Tianjin.

MODULE 4 Food Unit 1 Do you like meat?

MODULE 4 In the Park Unit 1 What are they doing?

MODULE 6 Activities Unit 2 What does she do at the weekend?

MODULE 8 Unit 2 I often go swimming.

MODULE 4 Unit 1 Happy Thanksgiving!


MODULE 5 Unit 2 Pen Friends

MODULE 10 Preparations Unit 2 I’m in New York now.

Module 1 Greetings Unit 1 I’m Sam.

Module 3 Classroom Unit 2 Point to the desk.

Module 7 Birthday Unit 2 How old are you?

MODULE 7 Communications Unit 1 Let’s send an email.

MODULE 6 Abilities Unit 1 Can you run fast?

MODULE 8 Discussion Unit 1 What do you suggest?

Module 3 At the Weekend Unit 1 We visited lots of places.

MODULE 8 Changes Unit 1 I was two.

MODULE 8 Unit 1 Looking at Photos

Module 1 London Unit 1 When did you come back?

MODULE 5 Food Unit 1 Do you want some rice?

Module 1 Unit 2 What do you want to eat?

Reading for Pleasure The Elves and the Shoemaker

MODULE 2 Zoo Unit 2 That monkey is fat.

Module 2 Shopping Unit 1 How many do you want?

MODULE 7 Festivals Unit 2 We have Christmas in England.

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Module 8 Friends Unit 2 Where’s the cat?

Reading for Pleasure Tom’s New Hobby

MODULE 3 Activities Unit 2 What are you doing?

MODULE 1 Numbers Unit 2 I’ve got twenty-six poi学会flash效果制作nts.

MODULE 4 Library Unit 2 Where can you find out about animals?

MODULE 3 Playground Unit 1 I like football

Reading for Pleasure The Bear, the Tall Man and the Short Man

MODULE 5 Time Unit 2 What’s the time, please?

Module 4 Unit 2 The apples are fa英语lling down the stairs.

MODULE 9 Happy Birthday Unit 1 Can I have some sweets?

MODULE 10 Preparations Unit 1 Where are you going to go?

Module 5 Numbers 1-12 Unit 2 Nine girls?

Module 9 Unit 2 Because it’s going to rain.

MODULE 6 Music Unit 2 Lingling is better than Daming.

MODULE 4 Unit 2 What’s your favourite festival?

Module 3 At the Weekend Unit 2 What did Daming do?

MODULE 1 Changing Un对比一下mpit 2 She didn’t have a television.

Module 7 Community Unit 2 They can’t walk.

MODULE 9 Unit 2 Do you want to go to Guilin?

MODULE 5 Time Unit 1 I get up at seven o’clock.

MODULE 6 Music Unit 1 This girl is good.

MODULE 7 Communications Unit 2 I will be home at seven o’clock.

Module 10 Manners Unit 2 You should eat fruit.

MODULE 3 English Food Unit 2 Sam ate six hamburgers.

Module 2 Introductions Unit 2 What’s your name?

MODULE 1 Friends Unit 1 She’s a nice teacher

MODULE 2 Directions Unit 2 It’s at the station.

MODULE 1 Unit 1 The Great Wall.

Review Module Unit 2

MODULE 9 Weekend Unit 1 I helped Mum.

Review Module Unit 1

MODULE 1 Changing Unit 1 We lived in a small house.

MODULE 7 Travel Unit 1 We’re going to go to Hainan.

MODULE 6 Activities Unit 1 What do you do at the weekend?

Module 10 Unit 2 What are you going to study?


Review Module Unit 1

MODULE 4 Robots Unit 1 Robots will do everything.

MODULE 7 Unit 1 I don’t believe it!

MODULE 8 Sports Day Unit 2 I’m going to do the high jump.

MODULE 9 Weekend Unit 2 Did Dad cook lunch?

Module 5 In Class Unit 2 There are too many books on the desk.

Module 6 School Unit 2 What’s this?

Module 4 Possessions Unit 1 It’s mine!

MODULE 4 Food Unit 2 Does Daming like banana?

Module 7 Unit 2 He spent about twenty-one hours in space.

MODULE 1 Unit 2 New York is in the east of America.

Module 10 Manners Unit 1 You should look, then cross the road.

MODULE 5 Size Unit 1 Amy’s taller than Lingling.

Reading for Pleasure A Book of Maps

Module 6 Self-assessment Unit 1 You can play football well.

MODULE 6 Unit 1 A Postcard from New York

READING FOR PLEASURE Jack and the Beanstalk

Module 10 Unit 1 We are going to speak Chinese.

MODULE 1 Alphabet Unit 1 It’s the ABC Song

MODULE 3 Unit 2 I’ve got a hobby.


MODULE 7 Countries Unit 2 Beijing is the capital of China.

MODULE 3 Picnic Unit 1 Will you take your kite?

MODULE 8 Changes Unit 2 They were young.

MODULE 6 Travel Unit 1 I went there last year.

MODULE 7 Unit 2 Pandas love bamboo.

Module 3 Unit 2 I am looking out of the window.

MODULE 9 Letters from Abroad Unit 1 We laughed a lot.

Module 1 London Unit 2 Did they buy ice creams?

Module 7 Community Unit 1 He can’t see.

Module 5 Unit 1 Daming is having a birthday party.

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Reading for Pleasure The Twins and the Big Surprise

MODULE 3 A看着flash动画效果制作ctivities Unit 1 She’s writing a letter.

Module 2 Unit 2 It’s going to snow in Harbin.

MODULE 5 Dec你看动画软件学习isions Unit 2 It’s too big for you.

Module 6 School Unit 1 This is my schoo外研社新标准小学英语三年级起点FLASH动画和MP3录音l.